Introducing the Network Readiness Index 2020

September 10, 2020

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of this year’s Network Readiness Index (NRI), focused on one of the year’s most critical themes: Digital Transformation. Over the next few weeks until our October launch, we will be sharing thought-provoking conversations on digital transformation and readiness in the age of COVID-19. Join our Dialogue on Digital Transformation to hear the insights of world-leading thought leaders, including Vint Cerf, Mei Lin Fung, Demi Getschko, Nnenna Nwakanma, Portulans’ own co-founders and more.

Over the last two decades, the NRI has established itself as one of the world’s most comprehensive assessments of digital readiness, covering over 130 developed and developing economies alike and representing over 95 percent of global GDP. Many countries use the NRI to design their digital strategies, connecting Technology with People and Governance for Impact.

What can you expect from this year’s NRI?

COVID-19 has radically altered the global landscape of digital transformation. Individuals, businesses, and governments have undergone disruptive changes to the way we learn, work, live and communicate. This year’s crisis has raised several thought-provoking questions about network readiness that this year’s index and accompanying conversation seek to address.

  • How has COVID-19 impacted the need for digital transformation? Do all individuals, firms, and businesses need to be digitally transformed in order to survive, and even thrive?
  • How could digital transformation help close or exacerbate the growing digital divide?
  • What kind of leadership is needed across sectors to ensure the digital transformation is a force for good?
  • What can we learn about digital transformation and pandemic preparedness from the NRI’s top performers?

Can’t wait for the Launch? Here some initial findings!

However, it might take a while for the data to show the large impact of COVID-19. Until then, this year’s edition confirms that advanced economies in northern Europe, eastern and south-eastern Asia, northern America, and Oceania are among the world’s most tech-savvy and future-ready societies. It further underlines the importance of high levels of trust and security in achieving successful digital transformation. The NRI 2020 also highlights the importance of taking into account the national context when formulating ICT strategies and that economies at different levels of development should not necessarily pursue similar approaches.

For instance, whereas investment in and adoption of high-tech and emerging technologies seem to be among the factors that separate economies at the very top (coupled with levels of trust), this does not appear to be the case further down the rankings. Rather, the analysis suggests that the priority for developing countries in stimulating digital transformation should be on spreading the access, use, and skills of fundamental ICTs in their populations at large.

Join us for the Digital Transformation Dialogue and keep an eye for information on the upcoming October launch of the NRI 2020.
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