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Network Readiness Index (NRI) Knowledge Partners are a select group of public or private institutions that are passionate about the overall goal of using technology for the good of all.

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Our Knowledge Partners actively engage with the use of technology to enhance competitiveness, to further development and to support an inclusive and sustainable growth agenda. Knowledge Partners commit to engaging with the Portulans Institute to support the development of the NRI across the entire cycle – from its conceptual framework to its execution and launch. Previous Knowledge Partners include Strategy& (Booz & Company), Cisco Systems, the World Information Technology and Services Alliance, and STL Group.

Over the last two decades, the NRI has established itself as one of the most comprehensive assessments of digital readiness, covering over 130 economies from the developing and developed world, representing over 95 percent of global GDP. Many economies utilize the NRI to design their digital strategies, and the NRI is used and frequently quoted by leaders from the public and private sectors.

The Network Readiness Index (NRI) provides a holistic framework for assessing the multi-faceted impact of digital technologies on societies and economic development. Since 2019, the NRI has published by the the Portulans Institute, a non-profit based in Washington DC. The index was first published in 2002 by the World Economic Forum, and was created and is co-edited by Portulans co-founders Prof. Soumitra Dutta and Dr. Bruno Lanvin.

For its 2019 edition, the NRI framework was redesigned to reflect the pervasiveness of digital technologies in today’s networked world, and the critical role of digital technologies in building future-ready businesses and societies. The new, holistic NRI framework reflects how technology and people need to be integrated within an effective governance structure in order to have a positive impact on our economy, society, and environment.

The 2021 NRI ranked a total of 130 economies based on their performance across 60 variables, grounded in discussions about the digital-led recovery from COVID-19. The NRI has been covered in more than 25,000 media and academic articles and reports. The 2021 report has been downloaded over 19,500 times, and its website has received over 190,000 unique visitors since October 2020. The NRI also has received over 14,000 hits in Google Scholar.

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There are several benefits to becoming an NRI Knowledge Partner, including the following:
  • The Partner’s CEO is invited to submit a foreword to the report.
  • The logo of the Partner is prominently displayed on the NRI website, report and related events.
  • A senior business leader from the Partner is invited to participate in the NRI launch and other regional events.
  • The Partner can be invited to submit a chapter to the report.
  • The Partner is encouraged to contribute to the research and development of the NRI, including the decision of the NRI annual topic.
  • The Partner can hold dedicated events, with local digital technology stakeholders, to leverage the NRI findings, with the support of Portulans staff.
  • The Partner is offered exclusive briefings by Portulans staff.
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NRI Knowledge Partners commit to:
  • Work closely with the NRI team and the Portulans Institute.
  • Maintain and promote the NRI as a trusted, independent source, free of conflicts of interest.
  • Support efforts to publicize and distribute the NRI in ways that support its overall goals.
  • Contribute to secure financial support for the NRI research and events.
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