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Portulans Institute’s Affiliate Partners Network brings together governmental, non-governmental entities and corporations to foster dialogue and encourage action on key themes related to innovation, technology and talent. The focus is on increasing the competitiveness and future readiness of nations, regions, cities, and corporations.


Portulans Institute’s Affiliate Partners are committed to fostering a dialogue on innovation and technology-driven competitiveness by:

  • Participating in discussions at select Portulans Institute events
  • Contributing to research and projects undertaken by the Institute
  • Hosting regional events related to the mission of the Institute with researchers and leaders from the public and private sector.

There are several benefits to
becoming an Affiliate Partner,
including the following:
  • Acknowledgment in select Portulans Institute’s events.
  • Contribution of papers or case studies to be featured on the Institute’s channels.
  • Co-organizing events relevant to your innovation agenda.
  • Access to information on the three main indices produced by PI, including specially tailored reports.

Affiliate Partners commit to…
  • Work closely with Portulans Institute and its partner organizations.
  • Promote the Institute as a trusted and independent source of knowledge.
  • Support efforts to publicize the Institute’s programs and goals.
  • Contribute financial support for the Institute’s research and events.


Interested in joining our Affiliate Network? Contact us at

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