Dr. Anand Agarwal Shares Insights About Public-Private Partnerships and Digital Transformation

This conversation is part of the Dialogue on Digital Transformation series.

Dr. Anand Agarwal is the Group CEO of STL and is passionate about driving technological advancement to impact everyday lives. Dr. Agarwal was honored with the ‘Broadband Infrastructure Leader Award’ in 2016 and the ‘Pathbreaker of the Year’ in 2019, in recognition of his efforts to transform India’s digital infrastructure. As Group CEO, Dr. Agarwal drives STL’s industry leadership, rooted in empowering and transforming lives through innovations in technology.

In conversation with NRI Senior Project Manager Anna Henry, Dr. Agarwal shares his perspective about the critical roles the private sector and government have to play in the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly in the building and development of digital infrastructure. Their continued and evolving partnership is crucial in order to digitally empower and connect citizens worldwide. For both sectors, the transformation of digital talent is urgent. Dr. Agarwal noted networks are evolving rapidly on four key fronts: reach, scale, capacity and technology. As a result, local and international talent must be “digitally adaptive” and ready to learn from and harness digital changes.

Thank you  STL Group, our 2020 Network Readiness Index Knowledge Partner.

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