Technology Competitiveness

Technology has progressed at a very fast pace over the last few decades and it today permeates all aspects of business and society. Information technology adoption has not only become ubiquitous through the rapid penetration of the mobile phone and the Internet, but it has become an integral part of the lives of billions of people. Progress in core technologies continues at a fast pace and technology disruptions are opening new opportunities for countries to sustain their development and for firms to innovate and become more competitive.

Portulans Institute co-founders have done extensive research in measuring technology competitiveness and creating globally recognized indices such as the Network Readiness Index (NRI). Starting in 2001, Prof. Soumitra Dutta and Prof. Bruno Lanvin have co-edited the NRI that has been published by the World Economic Forum in partnership with both INSEAD and Cornell University. Over the years, the NRI revealed the opportunities and challenges posed to governments, businesses, academia and individuals to fully capture the benefits of technology and provided valuable data-based guidance to leaders from the public and private sectors.

Visit our Dialogue on Digital Transformation, supporting the Network Readiness Index 2020.

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