Dr Hessa Al-Jaber

Dr. Hessa Al-Jaber is the chairperson of Trio Investment, a technology investment company that invest in innovative technology that address some of the most pressing health problems in MENA region. Currently, Trio Investment is investing and building Droobi – The first Arabic digital therapeutic product that uses the science of Behavior Change to motivate healthy habits. As an expert in technology, media, and telecom practice, her focus is the impact of a digital economy in productivity and competitiveness.

Dr. Hessa was the former and the first-ever Minister of Information and Communication Technology in Qatar. Prior to becoming a minister, Dr. Hessa held the position of Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Information and Communication Technology since its inception in 2005.

During her tenure, Dr. Al Jaber led the liberalization of Qatar’s telecommunications market, ushering in an era of choice and competition, she spearheaded the modernization of Qatar’s ICT infrastructure, including founding Qatar National Broadband Network, Eshailsat- Qatar Satellite Company, and Malomatia- a leading provider of professional technology services and solutions in Qatar. She was instrumental in the streamlining of processes to make Government more transparent accessible with the e-Government initiatives.

Dr. Al Jaber was a member of United Nations ITU Broadband Commission for Sustainable development and a member at the Network of Global Agenda Councils of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Dr. Al Jaber is currently the Chairperson of Qatar Satellite Company , and Malomatia, in addition to being a member of several boards including; Volkswagen (AG) Supervisory Board in Germany, Qatar University’s Board of Regents, Qatar Museums Authority’s Board, and the Qatar Financial Markets Authority Board.

Dr. Hessa holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Kuwait University, and a Master’s Degree and Ph.D in Computer Science from George Washington University, Washington, DC

Dr Hessa Al-Jaber
Dr Hessa Al-Jaber