Anil Nair

2021 Senior Fellow

Anil Nair was Managing Director, Country Digitization for APJC at Cisco Systems till recently. In his role at Cisco, he was involved with government, industry leaders, and academia in accelerating national digitization strategies to drive economic growth, create jobs, and build innovative ecosystems across India, China/Taiwan, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, and Thailand. 

Prior to that, he was MD/CEO at AGC Networks Ltd, Securitas India, Aegis Consulting and Avaya GlobalConnect Ltd. During his career he has led 4 successful turnarounds and 2 start-ups. Anil has been the recipient of an Award for Professional Excellence by the Indian Institution of Industrial Engineers and has won the Udyog Rattan Award. He did his Advanced Management Program from ISB-Kellogg Business School in Chicago.