People and Global Talent

Talent issues have become a mainstream concern for firms, nations, and cities. Talent performance is now clearly seen as key to growth, job creation, and innovation. New approaches are emerging to stimulate entrepreneurial talent. Such strategies affect all aspects of talent competitiveness, including education, skilling and re-skilling, attracting external talents, and fostering co-creation with local ones. They also imply encouraging imported or returning talent to stay and contribute to long-term local objectives. Cities are playing increasingly central roles as entrepreneurial talent hubs, and offer innovative talent strategies, often ahead of what nation-states can do.

Prof. Bruno Lanvin, Portulans Co-Founder, the creator of the Global Talent Competitiveness Index established in 2012, and has been the co-editor of the annual GTCI Report since then. GTCI has become a global benchmark and tool for action in the area of talent strategies, and is a widely quoted reference for business, governments and analysts interested in identifying the various aspects of the future of work.

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