The importance of data-based research for policymaking

February 19, 2020

On Friday, February 14th, the founders of the Portulans Institute joined the Global Business School Network for an edition of their Cross-Border Coffee Break Webinar. The focus of the webinar centered on the Network Readiness Index

Below you can find the full recording of the webinar. 

During the discussion, Soumitra Dutta commented on the importance of data-based research for better policy development, while highlighting how central it is for technology and people to work together towards the fourth industrial revolution. Dutta concluded this sentiment and showcased the importance of the NRI by stating that “If you look at the fourth industrial revolution, there is no other good model or framework, that I know of, that really tries to assess the broader holistic impact of the fourth industrial revolution. So, in my view, the NRI really tries to get us a step closer to having a framework; having some data-based and evidence-based support for policy and decisions in the public and private sector. What I do hope is that with the support of various key global organizations and key academic institutions, we will be able to enhance the work on the NRI further in key areas to understand in more depth how the fourth industrial revolution is impacting society.”

Furthermore, another highlight of the webinar came from Professor Bruno Lanvin during his discussion on the most prohibitive regulations towards ICT development. Lanvin argued that in order to identify the most prohibitive regulations we would need to look beyond just technology, as he points to the rise of nationalistic and protectionist policies around the world, which indeed are an obstacle to global innovation, in terms of innovation and technology. Lanvin concluded his remarks by stating “If international trade, investments, circulation of people and ideas become more restricted, the efforts of emerging countries to move up the ladder in the NRI may be diminished.”

You can also download the presentation and the Q&A Report.

In the next few weeks, we will be publishing a series of various regional analyses, which will be based on the most recent NRI. To keep up to date with this new series and everything else PI produces make sure to subscribe to our Newsletter!


By Carolina Rossini, Co-Founder and CEO, and Joseph Naim, Policy Associate.

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