Hear Nnenna Nwakanma’s Thoughts on Digital Transformation and Meaningful Connectivity

September 18, 2020

This is part of our Dialogue on Digital Transformation series, in advance of the upcoming 2020 Network Readiness Index. 

Nnenna Nwakanma is the Chief Web Advocate at the World Wide Web Foundation, where she advocates for the systemic and policy changes required for meaningful connectivity. Nwakanma is a global thought leader in technology and digital connectivity, and has a long track record working with the UN and civil society organizations in human rights, information society, data digital equality, gender and sustainability.

In her remarks, Nwakanma reminds us that bridging digital divides must be at the forefront of the digital transformation agenda globally and across sectors: whether these divides are racial, economic or social.

As of 2020, half of the world’s population is not connected. Yet connection to the Internet is not sufficient: Nwakanma reminds us of the overwhelming importance of meaningful connectivity: that is, the ability to connect to the Internet daily from an appropriate device with enough data.

Nwakanma also stresses that human transformation of skills and capacities must accompany digital transformation. All individuals, firms and governments have a responsibility and a role to play in global digital transformation, especially because affordable broadband access to the Internet should be considered a human right.

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