Emma Arakelyan’s Approach to People-First Digital Transformation

October 7, 2020

This is part of our Dialogue on Digital Transformation series, in advance of the upcoming 2020 Network Readiness Index. 

Emma Arakelyan is a world-class management consulting executive, angel investor, entrepreneur and speaker, with more than twenty years of experience in leadership in IT architecture and transformation, governance, business strategy, M&A and compliance. Arakelyan is the CEO and Founder of Orion Worldwide Innovations and has held leadership roles at Ernst & Young and Accenture. In addition to publishing The Business Caring Formula, Arakelyan is also a featured speaker at Columbia Business School and mentors at Singularity University.

In this interview with Portulans CEO and Co-Founder Carolina Rossini, Emma Arakelyan tells us about the overwhelming importance of a people-first digital transformation, particularly during COVID-19. Arakelyan explains the “business caring formula” and outlines the necessary characteristics for strong, digitally-minded leadership that can navigate the disruption of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Notably, leaders must be responsible, accountable and embrace ethical leadership at the core of their vision of digital transformation and innovation.


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