A Conversation with Sonia Jorge about Meaningful Connectivity, Digital Transformation and COVID-19

October 13, 2020

This is part of our Dialogue on Digital Transformation series, in advance of the upcoming 2020 Network Readiness Index. 

Sonia Jorge is the Executive Director of the Alliance for Affordable Internet. Jorge is an expert and global thought leader in development and communications policy, with over 25 years of international experience in the private and nonprofit sectors. Jorge has led digital development initiatives and projects in organizations including the World Bank, UN Women and UNDP, and for mobile operators and industry associations.

In this conversation with Portulans Institute CEO Carolina Rossini, Sonia Jorges tells us about her vision of strong digital leadership in the age of COVID-19: individuals who put people before profit, advocating for policies that ensure equality, equity and meaningful connectivity for all. With half of the world’s population living without access to the Internet, and a deepening digital divide in access quality and content relevance among those with Internet access, Jorge’s remarks remind us that digital readiness is nothing without inclusion. Building on insights gained after over 25 years working in digital development, Jorge also shares with us the power of accurate data to inform people-first policymaking.

Watch the interview highlights (YouTube) and full conversation (YouTube).

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