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Shailja Bang Shah

Shailja Bang Shah is a Thematic Research Analyst responsible for project management, research, policy analysis, and communications support for regiona ...

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Abdellah Bouhamidi

Abdellah Bouhamidi is an analytics consultant and research associate for Portulans Institute's composite indices. He is the founder of Science Data Va ...

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Sylvie Antal

Sylvie is a Policy Research and Communications Associate. At PI, she is responsible for monitoring relevant policy developments, assisting with resear ...

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Mariam Chaduneli

Mariam Chaduneli is a Policy Research and Management Associate who has worked extensively on research in the area of technology policy, emerging threa ...

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James Poisant

James Poisant is a Senior Advisor and former Secretary-General of the World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA). ...

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Carolina Rossini

Carolina Rossini is a Co-Founder of Portulans Institute and served as founding Secretary for the Board and CEO from 2019 to 2021 before taking the rol ...

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Bruno Lanvin

Bruno Lanvin is INSEAD’s Executive Director for Global Indices. He is also the founder and CEO of DL Partners SA, a Geneva-based consultancy, and th ...

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Gianna Sagazio

Gianna Sagazio is the former Director of Innovation of the National Confederation of Industry – Brazil (CNI), responsible for the executive coordina ...

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Rafael Escalona Reynoso

Rafael Escalona Reynoso serves as the CEO of Portulans Institute, leading numerous high-profile projects such as the production of the Network Readine ...

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