Isabella Wilkinson

Policy and Research Associate @IMWilkinson_
Isabella Wilkinson is pursuing a master’s degree in Democracy and Governance at Georgetown University (graduating December 2020) with a focus on the intersection of disruptive innovation, emerging technology, and governance (democratic, authoritarian, and everything in between). Wilkinson graduated from the London School of Economics with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations, History, and Chinese with honors.
Wilkinson is a former researcher for the Marshall Center for Security Studies, where she prepared the research groundwork and helped facilitate the Mediterranean Discourse on Regional Security conference. Additionally, Wilkinson has worked as a researcher for Georgetown University’s Government Department and the National Endowment for Democracy, focusing broadly on digital democracy.
Wilkinson is a native English speaker and proficient in both French and Mandarin Chinese. In addition to her master’s degree, Wilkinson is pursuing certificates in Artificial Intelligence and Python and has recently gained proficiency in Digital Mapping.