Fayrouz Hares

2021 Research Fellow

Fayrouz is the Engagement Manager at Sustainable Development Value Ltd., a consulting practice focused on Sustainable Growth Strategy. She is also the Project Director at the Global Business School Network. She brings a diverse set of skills, from Market Intelligence and Research, to corporate Finance and Fundraising, to Project Management, as well as eight years of experience across different industries. supporting C-level executives in their efforts to achieve their missions, align their resources and think critically about ways to grow in their respective spaces. Among her professional endeavors, Fayrouz lent her expertise in Finance and Banking to a biotech startup, successfully raising the company’s first-ever round of pre-seed funding. Also, Fayrouz was a Lead Research Assistant at Cornell University’s Emerging Markets Institute for over two years, performing data collection and analysis for the Emerging Markets Report, the key yearly publication of the institute.

Fayrouz earned a dual master’s degree in Finance and Control from HEM Business School in Morocco and Jean Moulin Lyon III University in France, as well as an MBA from Cornell University. She is polyglot and speaks Arabic, French, English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.