2021-2022 Academic Partners for the Global Innovation Index

Created in 2007 by Prof. Soumitra Dutta (Cornell University; Co-Founder and President, Portulans Institute) the Global Innovation Index (GII) is the primary reference for measuring a country’s innovation performance. It provides detailed metrics on innovation performance using approximately 80 indicators for almost 130 economies, thus covering 93% of the world’s population and 98% of global GDP. The GII is a tool for action and has established itself as a central policy tool for innovation around the world. The GII is published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a specialized agency of the United Nations, in association with the Portulans Institute. Moving into its 14th edition this year, the GII has evolved into a valuable benchmarking tool that facilitates public-private dialogue and that helps policymakers, business leaders, and other stakeholders to evaluate their innovation progress on an annual basis.

Starting in 2021, and in addition to the Corporate Partners, we are proud to host an Academic Network, composed of leading institutes from around the world.

The Portulans Institute and WIPO are pleased to announce the launch of the Global Innovation Index Academic Partners Network. This unique, global network includes world-leading academic institutions from around the world, generating cutting-edge research and dialogue on innovation readiness and competitiveness, tackling issues such as technology readiness, global talent, innovation financing, and more.

Portulans Institute President and GII Founder Prof. Soumitra Dutta commented: “We are very pleased to welcome the GII’s new Academic Partners. We look forward to collaborating with students and researchers from these world-leading institutions, and with local decision leaders from both the public and private sectors, to help improve the innovation successes of countries around the world.”

Dr. Sacha Wunsch-Wincent, Head of Section in WIPO’s Economics and Statistics Division and GII Co-Editor commented: “The GII is now used by governments around the world to benchmark their innovation performance and policies. We are thankful to Portulans for the creation of a new Academic GII Network. The prestigious academic institutions that compose the network will provide valuable insights further informing the GII research and application.”


The Portulans Institute, a Washington DC-based independent, non-partisan, non- profit research and educational institute, in cooperation with WIPO, hosts the GII, the GII Corporate Partners and the GII Academic Partners Network. With alternating supplementary themes, last year’s edition was dedicated to the question of Who Will Finance Innovation?, addressing the state of innovation finance today and in the future in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are grateful for the invaluable support we receive from our 2021 Corporate Partners – the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), the National Confederation of Industry Brazil (CNI), and the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) – as well as the policy-makers and corporate leaders on our Advisory Board and the newly founded Academic Network.