Our Programs

The Portulans Institute Corporate Partners Program

Portulans Institute aims at engaging with private sector leaders to focus on human-centric and sustainable growth. The private sector plays a critical role in building our common future and it is crucial that corporate leaders invest wisely and appropriately. 

The Portulans Institute Academic Network

Portulans Institute convenes leading academics from global universities for advancing research in issues of interest in the domains of human capital, technology strategy, and innovation readiness. 

The Portulans Institute Senior Fellows and Communities of Practice

CoPs bring together experts from both the public and private sectors, who are involved in policy-making, research, or development of market solutions. Each CoP is led by a Senior Fellow. CoPs develop cross-community knowledge and dialogue on how people, technology, and innovation contribute to sustainable and inclusive growth. Each CoP independently sets its own strategy to achieve its agreed objectives. The CoPs’ outputs may include publications, road maps, sets of best practices, for example.

The Portulans Institute Fellows Program

Portulans Institute offers opportunities for Ph.D. students and young professionals to work on novel research related to human capital, technology, and innovation policies. We encourage applications from scholars, practitioners, innovators, engineers, artists, and others committed to understanding and advancing the inclusive and sustainable development of nations and societies. 


For details on any of the Portulans Institute Programs, please contact us at info@portulansinstitute.org

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