Our Partners

Portulans hosts various programs, including the Global Innovation Index and the Network Readiness Index Corporate and Academic Networks, and publishes country studies based on innovative methodologies and large data-based analysis. We partner with companies, trade associations, and governments to make this possible.

Beyond developing cross-community knowledge and dialogue on how people, technology, and innovation contribute to sustainable and inclusive growth, our mission is to produce high-quality, independent, data-driven research to inform policy-makers. In this regard, Portulans has joined and contributes to some of the most prestigious research networks, including the Global Network of Internet & Society Centers (NoC), and the Alliance for Affordable Internet.

We also partner with the private sector on matters including regional and firm-level innovation, in order to drive a business agenda that invests in people, technology, and innovation for a prosperous common future. Learn more about our partners.

Global Innovation Index Corporate Partners

Learn more about the Global Innovation Index (GII) and how to Join as a GII Corporate Partner.


Global Innovation Index Academic Partners

Learn more about the 2021-2022 GII Academic Partners Network.


2020 Network Readiness Index Partners

Learn more about the 2020 Network Readiness Index (NRI).

2020 Knowledge Partner

2020 Launch and Regional Events Partners

2019 Knowledge Partner

Learn more about the 2019 Network Readiness Index (NRI).

Regional and Country Competitiveness Analysis (FREA)

2020-2021 MENA Region Competitiveness (Report Upcoming)

2020 Brazil Competitiveness Report and Roadmap

Global Research Networks